Punit Sharma

Hello everyone,

Punit Sharma

Look who has dropped in here. Well, the name is Punit Sharma. Definitely, the way I started out the sentence, it seemed that “This guy is acting as a celebrity, but the name does not seem familiar to us..”. Well don’t worry, you will be getting familiar with me as I arrive here at theoryofprogramming.com with some spicy blogs which will definitely contribute towards a better taste to your coding life. To introduce myself in a complete manner. Let’s start with my name again.  My name is Punit Sharma and currently, I am pursuing B-Tech in Computer Science Engineering from Techno India Salt lake which is under West Bengal University of Technology (currently known as Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology). Well, I possess a meager knowledge regarding any subject related to Computer Science and the obvious question which arises in mind of people that “Hey why are you here then???”. Well, I believe particularly that whatever knowledge I have, is worth sharing and that is what brings me here and my IIIT lad Vamsi Sangam exactly noted this point and here I am sharing whatever I have.

I am from Patna, Bihar, but my hometown is in Kolkata (City of Joy) since 2002. I am a student of Dreamland School which lies in an urban area named Uttarpara in district Hooghly of West Bengal. I have been an average student who likes mathematicians and algorithmists just because of their mind-boggling approaches regarding real life problems. I like people who are spontaneous with their thinking and can make fruitful deductions by looking at a normal scenario.

Punit Sharma - Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad

My date of birth is 23rd June 1996. My parents Sachidanand Sharma and Anju Sharma, who have played an important role throughout my life. My whole life revolves around my school friends, college friends and my maternal family who always provided a constant support to whatever I did. They are just marvellous.  Not only that, I have five constant sources of inspiration and which are irreplaceable.

  • My maternal uncle, Devinder Prasad Singh
  • Sunil Narine
  • Pranav Mistry
  • Alan Turing
  • Maharana Pratap Singh (from the history of India)

I am also grateful to people who were responsible to shape me up as a Computer Science guy and served as a mentor for me.

  • Mrs Mousumi Bhattacharya (Assistant professor, Computer Science Department, Techno India Salt lake
  • Palash Das (My current batchmate)
  • Abhilash Sen(School Bestie)
  • Dhruba Ray (Trainer at Ardent Computech)
Punit Sharma - My Group
My Group

I am actively involved in competitive coding from year 2013. Not only that, I love to play FIFA and Counter Strike which is an addiction for all the engineering students. I am a foodie as well. In the span of 24 hrs of a day, I spend approximately 7 hrs eating out junk food.  Favorite actors include Shahrukh Khan and Benedict Cumberbatch. Well, I did not get into my technical skills because that will be decided by you guys who will read the blogs. Basically, I am good at nothing 😛

Finally thanx in advance to you guys. Please do go through my blogs, because it’s for you guys and every technical geek who feels to know and share. It’s dedicated to all of you and appreciations and suggestions are always welcome. Have a nice day.

“Code Hard and excel……….”

Punit Sharma - School Group
School Group