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Theory of Programming is a very helpful website that helps you in understanding a wide range of programming concepts. There are many posts on Data Structures, Algorithms and the Java Programming Language which explain the concepts with vivid explanations, well-drawn diagrams and also come with the actual code of concept.

Theory of Programming also has posts on solving competitive coding questions which are based on data structures and algorithms discussed in the website. These help you not only to be a hero in your classroom but also a legend in the coding websites such as CodeChef, SPOJ, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

Interview Corner

Graph Theory

Tree and Heap Data Structures

Dynamic Programming

Search Algorithms

Sorting Algorithms

Java Programming Tutorials

C++ Programming Tutorials


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43 thoughts on “Theory of Programming

  1. when you click on something in some cases cursor not appear , you need to fix that thing

  2. Good work Vamsi…..Here are a few suggestions-
    1. For every topic you have covered just at the end give few links of the question may be from spoj, codechef, codeforces etc where people can practice after reading from the topics. This is because as the case of programming is concerned reading only or understanding will not help, you have to do a great deal of practice. Just make sections like beginners problem, advance and professional problems or something like that under each section.
    2. Make a separate forum where people can post questions about different topics or questions and not only you others can also give their answers. It would help to bring the programming community and different coders together to your site.
    3. Make a separate section for interview corner. Here write interview experience of people of different companies.
    4. Make sections for Java, C, C++ basic concepts.
    5. Maybe the name of books you want to recommend.
    6. Output/MCQ questions or Quiz kind of thing of the topics studied.
    Please don’t feel offended, but there are a lot many sites where you can find this stuff. You have to make things different from them and even better to attract people towards your site. You can take this journey of your to great levels.

    Once again great work and just please don’t feel bad by my words. The above are just suggestions. You are free to implement any subsets of these including the null set.

    1. Haha…! I was actually looking forward for suggestions such as these Vipul sir. As I am still young and I don’t have as much exposure as you sir. I am very glad you gave me these suggestions sir. And they are pretty cool too, sir. But they’ll take time. Eventually, I will surely implement them, sir, because you pin-pointed the drawbacks of my blog very accurately. Thanks a lot for your suggestions sir, they mean a lot to me…! ☺

    2. Yes it will take time. So it is better to ask your batch-mates who are good in respective topics to write about some topics and give it to you in the required format. And then you put it on your site and also acknowledge them at the last of the post by writing something like- Thanks to Mr. xyz for contributing/helping for this post/topic. Moreover make a different section where you put the name of all those who have contributed so that you bring the programming community together. In this way they would also show interest in promoting your site as their name appears on it and also you will be able to quickly develop the website. Again you are free to implement any subsets of these including the null set.

  3. super ra . its very nice and also much helpful 🙂 🙂 all the best and hoping to see more like this from you . thumbs up 🙂

  4. Great work champ!!! All the very best. It’s so good to see you people do so good. God bless you. kepp doing the good work. Hoping to learn from you now from here.. 😉

    1. Thanks a lot Siddhant sir…! ☺ I don’t think the time will ever come when you would have to learn from me, Sir, and neither will the day come when you sptop inspiring me ! Thanks for everything you have done for me, Sir…! ☺

  5. Nice blog, please keep adding more content. One recommendation, it would be more friendly to use this blog if the flow diagram above would take to the relevant sections directly when clicked. Ex: Clicking on ‘Learn New Data Structures’ directly takes us to the data structures table of contents.

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